Interruption to water supply in A Bloc 9.5.2022

HSY announced that there was an interruption to water supply in the Otaniemi area on Mon 9.5. due to a water pipe leak, impacting A Bloc, Väre, School of Business and Tietotie 1. Water supply was cut in the morning but returned to normal by midday.

Water supply is back to normal.

Due to a water pipe leak, there was an interruption to water supply in the following buildings on Mon 9.5.2022 at 06.23 – 12.00:

  • Shopping centre A Bloc (Otaniementie 12)
  • School of Business (Ekonominaukio 1)
  • Väre building (Otaniementie 14)
  • Tietotie 1


HSY provided a temporary clean water distribution point at Tietotie 6.

During commissioning, deposits or rust may come loose from the pipes, which causes temporal changes to water quality, such as coloured or cloudy water. It is not harmful for your health, but this could stain the laundry and clog the tap aerators. We recommend allowing the water to run until it is colourless and clear again.

For more information, please contact HSY water supply interruption number 09 1561 3000.