Damask offers quality men's hair and beard care

The new Barber Shop Damask will open on the first floor of A Bloc on 15th November. Damask Barber Shop has a long tradition of men’s hair care. The family business has operated for a long time in Syria, Lebanon and Kurdistan and in recent years expanded in the Helsinki area into a chain of several barber shops.

Full-service Barber Shop

Damask Barber Shop offers you a full service men’s hair and beard care. Here you will have not just a simple haircut, but an unique experience in the hands of talented Syrian barbers.

• Beard modeling
• American shaving
• Mustache design
• Classic haircuts
• Facial care
• Cleaning the ears with wax tubes

Opening offer for haircut 22 € and all hair care products -20% discount!

Valid until 1.12.2022.


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