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Espoon Hieronta – well-being for the whole body on the second floor of A Bloc

Espoon Hieronta has started operations on the second floor of A Bloc in the premises of dance center Attitude and serves customers by appointment. Read more about the opening offers!


Masseur and sports massage therapist Sanna-Mari Heiskanen opened her first massage shop Espoon Hieronta in A Bloc at the beginning of October, in the premises of dance studio Attitude. Sanna-Mari is very interested in fascia treatment, i.e. stretching massage, which aims to restore the normal mobility of the musculature. She has completed MyFascia and Anatomy Trains training, as well as Kinetic Control + Movement specialist training, which helps to better understand the functioning of the body, the causes of various pain conditions and the need for treatment. She has also completed pregnancy massage training and can safely take care of pregnant mothers at different stages of pregnancy as well. Espoon Hieronta also offers massage services to companies.

Take advantage of the opening offer!

Espoon Hieronta offers massages at a special price in October.

45 min 48 €

60 min 55 €

90 min 70 €


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