Illustration of the new linden trees and green area

Two linden trees near Otaniementie to be renewed

The two weak linden trees between shopping centre A Bloc and Undergraduate Centre will be cut down in February and replaced by new large linden saplings later in the spring. The old trees will also remain in Otaniemi, as they will become decaying wood art to be placed in the middle of the campus next summer.

The old trees are in very poor condition and are currently supported by wires to prevent them from collapsing. The trees have already undergone all the measures to conserve them, such as several treatment cuts, but health studies have shown them to be very rotten, suffering, and a safety risk to people and their surrounding environment. Espoo City Planning Deparment has granted the measure and a landscape work permit.

The linden trees are a significant part of Otaniemi’s identity and cultural history, so after they have been felled, they will have a new life in the centre of the campus as an outdoor artwork. Over time, the work of art will transform into rotting wood and enhance the area’s biodiversity.

Decaying wood is especially important for fungi and insects, among others. Many species need decaying trees at different stages of decay, for example for food, living and as breeding ground. Decaying trees also provide nesting places for forest birds.

Along with the new linden saplings, a lot of other smaller plants will be planted to support natural diversity in the same green area between A Bloc, Undergraduate Centre and Harald Herlin Learning Centre in spring 2022. The old linden trees will be temporarily stored near Ainonaukio and Korkeakouluaukio before art pieces will be compiled.

More information: Aalto CRE/Aapo Pihkala,

More information about decaying wood from the Metsähallitus web page (in Finnish)

Illustration: MASU Planning Oy
Contractor: VRJ Etelä-Suomi Oy/Heikki Taskinen
Landscaping permit: DRNo 2019-516-T, Espoo City Planning Department
Client: Aalto University Campus & Real Estate